Grand Opening i Shopen

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Grand Opening i Shopen

Söndagen den 8:e april öppnar vi shopen för säsongen med fina erbjudanden.

Detta innebär bland annat:

30% på FootJoy

och Puma skor

20% på Max vagnar

50% på Cobra TourTrusty wedgar

20% på Årets klädnyheter

Erbjudande gäller endast denna dag.

Öppet mellan 9-15

Varmt välkomna

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Hej där Wittsjöjunior, det är dags att slipa verktygen inför vad vi tror är grundpelaren till bästa juniorlaget någonsin….  Vad behövs då? Jo träning, en massa träning. Det är med anndra ord dags att starta säsong 2018.

Detta skall vi göra vid ett uppstartsmöte, ett öppet hus den 18:e april kl 18:00. Vi kommer då att dela in er i grupper och presentera årets träningsschema och vilka som kommer att träna er ……


Vi hoppas ni alla kommer den 18:e, Glad Påsk

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Hej där medlem i klubben, dags igen för lite nyheter från oss.
Dagens innehåll:

  • Banans öppnande
  • Restaurangen öppnar
  • Grönt kort
  • Artikel i Norra Skåne

Varje vår den ständiga frågan, när kan vi börja spela golf?
Ja denna säsong verkar vara trögstartad. Just som solen tittar fram varnar metrologerna för iskyla från Grönland (vad de nu skall hit å göra?) Detta gör att prognosen verkar aningen både dyster och förvirrad. Vi har en plan…… Banchef Jönson och undertecknad samtalar om detta dagligen och det gäller att ha en positiv livssyn när man tittar ut över det vita, menar vi båda.

Så här går tankarna i nuläget. Plan A är (vår strävan) öppning direkt efter påsk 2-3:e april, ser inte helt bra ut i nuläget. Det är då mer troligt att plan B träder i kraft vilken innebär öppning direkt efter städdagen den 7 april. Men vi är även realister så vi har ytterligare en plan som vi kallar för ”Plan vänta och C…….
Oavsett vad så öppnar vi kansli o shop den 3:e april, direkt efter äggätandet.

Vad som däremot öppnar är restaurangen.
Ingrid kommer i alla händelser att öppna vår egen restaurang den 30:e mars för påskmad. Se gärna på hemsidan för vad som erbjuds. Vi vill stärka budskapet att klubben driver restaurangen i egen regi, så varje kaffekopp, varje bulle och köttbulle ni handlar i kiosk eller restaurang är ett stöd rakt in i klubbkassan utan mellanhänder.
Vi hoppas och tror att alla medlemmar & gäster kommer att uppskatta utbud och miljö under säsongen och därmed mätta o belåtna sjunka ned i fåtöljerna och skryta över golf och upplevelser.

Har du någon som du vill locka in i vår underbara värld?
David kommer att genomföra en mängd golfskolor under april- juni och inte bara det utan han kommer även att lära ut grunderna i grönt kortkurser med början den 15:e april. Så varför inte ge någon en grönt kortkurs i present så har du någon att spela med i framtiden? Hör av dig till David eller kansli så ordnar vi det. Klicka här

Klubbchefen är linslus
I dagens Norra Skåne finns en artikel att beskåda om klubb o klubbchef. Vi vänder på varje sten för att uppmärksamma omvärlden om vad det är som föregår i snapphanebyggden nuförtiden. Jag hoppas att orden i artikeln skall inspirera och göra att du som medlem känner dig laddad för att besöka klubb, restaurang och framförallt banan.
Vi kommer även att annonsera för att visa våra fina stuglägenheter och vår ”Pärla i norra Skåne” i bland annat svensk golf, Golf Digest, Golfpärlor och Golf.DK allt för att skapa trafik till vår investering.

Länk till Norra Skåne

PS du har väl betalat in årsavgiften?

Varmaste av hälsningar
Micke Rydell Klubbchef

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Vinnarna från vårmötet.

Följande glada medlemmar vann lottdragningen på vårmötet söndagen den 18 mars. Vi säger grattis till följande medlemmar som snabbt hade betalat in årets medlemsavgift redan i december 2017.

Kerstin Nilsson, Per Åke Hansson, Jörgen Johansson, Ingvar Carlberg, Thomas Sundgren, Tobias Stensson, Bengt Nilsson, Hähnel Hartmut, Gunilla Nilsson, Ingrid Skoglösa, Roland Olsson, Sune Nilsson, Karl-Johan Lindblad, Karsten Kristensson, Bo Persson.

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News On No-Fuss Advice Of Russian Brides for Marriage

Ideas for get a girlfriend back can be purchased in all different kinds of people right after they do understand that it’s possible you have accomplished with the ex-girlfriend and yourself need her back in your life. Some coming from it can be helpful advice, and several out of it will end up increasingly being things that you need to write off. You have to be?n a position to examine which advice you may well work with and what tips you’re going to allow to go within a ear and out the several other.

Win Back Your Girlfriend Easily — 3 Tips That Will Get Getting Back Your Ex much simpler for You

That companionship and need love will not be finishing and continue for each and every cycle of life. Therefore, it’s never too much gone to be appreciate, in romance. Seniors believe they are really too old to remain in absolutely adore but love knows no bars, no ages. Online dating, at any sort of age, is frequently exciting and heaped with interesting. The late various years of most people are quiet and complicated to dedicate. They need a person to converse, to express with you, to make sure you love and being loved.

Before you express no manner, you must are aware that your lady can be examining the waters here. Any time she sees an issue that the girl likes, you can find there’s pretty good possibility she’ll want to see extra. If you claim no at once and brush her off, consequently she is going to recognize that an individual genuinely boyfriend material. Not so good but if your system is to find additional female friends.

Does someone meet you in each and every way, not just inside the sleeping quarters or actually they look or act. You should become good friends first; decide if you will trust anybody with everything and everyone in your life. Will anyone put you earliest in life? Complete they respect and sustain you for everything you accomplish; you can only fully understand this by spending time with you. You shouldn’t benefit from a smaller amount, don’t sacrifice your beliefs or yourself with the objective most people imagine is love because if you are doing as opposed to you can find yourself curious what is appreciate with the answer is So i am not in love Now i am settling.

You need to be sure not have any sort of unrealistic expectations any timeframe recommended to be successful. Much too often, men and women assume that signing let’s start on a dating services means success are going to be expedited. Well, this may occasionally well be the case. But, person interactions and experiences definitely will unquestionably differ from one person to another.

5 Tips to Get Your Wife Rear

”I plan to gain my spouse back” – among the main marriage counselors on EzineArticles, I get daily e-mails utilizing this type of brand. And I extend a deepest sympathies to any man not feeling ”free as being a chook, happy to obtain hundreds of girls again” upon their wives or girlfriends leaving them, nonetheless usually hoping to get her back. Marriage is a ”human” institution, and looking to help you preserve it proves you will find the person qualities, rather then instinctive ones. There are a lot of effective methods of winning your lady again, and here they are.

Any effort you add towards making your better half feel special will pay astounding dividends regarding the marriage plus the way close via cloture.. Begin simply by announcing that the things she manner to you will. Women can’t hear that enough on the males they adore. If you take a short while daily to understand the sweetheart just how fortunate you really feel being partnered to her, she’ll never doubt your love for my child. Even after a long time from marriage, absolutely vital to vocalize ones feelings in the partner. She wants and requirements to concentrate for this kind of just by you. Standards For No-Fuss lovely russian ladies Advice

Make yourself at the least a couple of months. With this time it is possible to change the daily life in such a way that you really couldn’t at one time you were using your ex-girlfriend. Chances are at one time you go back, you may be sure the way to handle it. Through this time you might want to question the compatibility people plus your fiancee. Do you really would like to get back together again using her or will it result in in the same way since before? Once you’ve made ones option, check with her directly how this lady gets. Your lady may or might not have same thoughts.

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Practical Products Of Crypto Currency Exchange

In the event that one will need to copy money produced one of bank account to another, he could almost certainly likely easily Electronic digital Funds Transfer (EFT). EFT might be a system through which simply no paper money transfer is usually involved but money’s computer equal value is sold back between banks or simply another mortgage lenders. A lot of currency transfer companies, for instance, give you a service, providing a buyer who not need your bank account near your vicinity to make sure you transfer cashback house through a provider’s account. In such a case, you deposit an actual quantity with the supplier, of which experts claim conducts a currency transfer of equal amount (minus fees as well as other it applies charges) on the recipient’s bank account working with some variety of EFT.

Perfectly inspite of mediocre investment selection you could get longevity as well as perhaps even carry on for very long enough to learn a lot of better selection criteria with a long time to be familiar with chances management. Risk management is supplied in a large number of forms even so the hidden criteria is actually that you trying to minimise your losses while nonetheless making it possible for sturdy gains.

Methods to Understand the Forex Market

The first robot is fully robotic. This means that following your trader has keyed inside the variables this individual expects, the guy can give the robot to try and do the exact same with little if no operations in any respect. It can predict market outcomes 2-4 hours prior to your happening on the forex trading. This is advantageous meant for the trader. It can do this because it takes advantage of new data taken out from this marketplace and runs it through beyond or historical data. When it sees precisely the same marketplace occurrence indoors beyond it’d map that out and effortlessly match the possible final results in a 2-4 hour window. In addition to this, any robot learns in each and every operate executed. It will then insert correlation between trading for their memory. Thus later on once a similar prevalence comes about any robot will act accordingly with all the end motive for profitable the trade. This is artificial intelligence.

Simplifying Key Factors In bitcoin mining basics Forewarned is forearmed, this also hardly ever really been truer when it comes to curtailing online fraud from nabbing your hard-earned cash. Mails provided to phishing your hard earned dollars info coming from you, trojan viruses embedded in files and web pages, as well as the several fraudulent practices work typically because non-internet savvy beginners have never witnessed these individuals. Those who have no idea of what they are doing will be the most straightforward prey.

By means of business ideas to build income online fast exploding, you will discover plenty of tools available on the market which could assist any organization entrepreneur to check your partner’s product online. Tracking tools is one application you should utilize. These kind of tools happen to be accessible all over via the internet for free. Whenever you have tested ones products applying one of those brilliant absolutely free tools which is developed into financially rewarding, you will find out you might think of a a lot of money with that effortlessly.

Harmless Haven Currencies

Timeshares happen to be perfect for family unit vacations although it’s tricky to keep an eye on many families on christmas becoming suckered into attending a good timeshare presentation. Timeshares are great however, you should never invest in the developer. Families are lured to attend a presentation if you find yourself available discount tickets to food or simply a woodland.

The majority of Forex traders only want to progress automatically with money trading without aspect to proper preparation. These traders only will use 2-3 weeks browsing the web designed for information with regards to forex trade and once they will get to be informed about basic fundamentals, they’re going right ahead and open some fx trading profile. These traders soon understand or know that currency trading forex just isn’t really easy there will be numerous items they overlooked, but at this point it is as well late a lot of these have dropped most of the.

Convenient Programs Of – Straightforward Advice The immediate result was recommendations going to everyone from a whole lot of guidance, and I getting little by little and steadily confused. In the event that one person was standing a word of advice to find myself to think about every trading development or phenomena, that’s been launched inside the foreign currency markets, there would be clearly a replacement just who put his faith with discover points which supports prevent points! There were still others, just who attempted to convince me to scrape all the money I could, and uncover some really expensive automated software. Exploring Convenient Products

Most individuals that will be just start to uncover the forex trade market require encounter of an fx trading brokerage service. However because every business deal involves both changing money interest rates payable on money borrowed to help you finance your transaction can be canceled out by interest earned within the currency held, also see more on Economy Browser Forex Currency. The only downside that I have got realized is actually that you must available a brokerage account but will also cost you at the very least $300. Also find out more Articles. The peculiar options that come with this kind of international trading platform comprise of great liquidity in the sector its geographical diffusion a long trading hours and so on

— Learn about yourself. What kind of trader do you think you’re? Think you’re a risk-tolerant person? Do you psychologically accept sacrificing profits? Are you a great organised person? Can you follow your existing proven strategy during your losing period? These are several things you have got to learn so you can easily create a strategy that fits your profile.

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Hej medlem i Wittsjö GK. Tanken är att i fortsättningen presentera ett nyhetsbrev, via mejl med jämna mellanrum. Lite lägre frekvens på vintern men tätare sedan när värmen kommer.
Här några rubriker:

  • Nya klubbchefen har ordet
  • Golf ÄR friskvård, vad betyder det?
  • Stugorna.
  • Vårmötet.

Klubbchefen har ordet.
Hej, jag heter Micke Rydell och är sedan 1 februari i gång med arbetet att vara klubbchef här på Wittsjö Gk. Ja egentligen startar jag den 1:a april, men redan nu går jag in på halvtid för att lära mig så mycket som möjligt om klubben, bygden och människorna här.

Vem är då jag och på vilket sätt kan jag hjälpa styrelsen att stärka klubben? Till att börja med är golfen min passion, en passion som jag fick möjligheten att börja arbeta med runt 2004. Min introduktion var som projektledare för tävlingen Scandinavian Masters. Därefter har jag arbetat med golfklubbar bland annat för Ågesta, Bro Bålsta och Bro Hof.

Jag lever efter en grupp teser som jag menar är grunden för all utveckling. Ödmjukhet, Lyhördhet, Kommunikation. Jag har lärt mig att den absolut största delen av mänskligheten kan mer än mig. Av den anledningen vet jag att det är bättre att lyssna än att prata.  Jag tror på öppna dörrar, med så få hemligheter som möjligt.

Om ni, när vi träffas tycker att jag pratar konstigt, beror det till största delen att jag kommer från Göteborg, men har bott på många märkliga platser i världen.

Golf är friskvård.
Sedan en knapp månad står det klart att även golf ÄNTLIGEN är att klassas som friskvård. Skattemyndigheten har gått ut och förklarat att golfspel är föremål för skattebefriade förmåner, liksom tidigare gym, tennis, badminton och annan motionsidrott. . Vad betyder då för medlemmar i Svenska golfklubbar, i korta drag?
Du som anställd på ett företag kan om företaget har den policyn, få hela eller delar av din spelavgift, ersatt av företaget, som du kanske tidigare fick med ditt gymkort. Några korta punkter:

  • Maxbeloppet är 5000 kr / år.
  • Du kan inte få ersättning för medlemsavgifter.
  • Företaget du arbetar på sätter beloppsgränserna.
  • Wittsjö gk kommer att sätta samman paket redan 2018, som faller inom skatteavdraget.
  • från 2019 delar vi upp årsavgiften till klubben i två delar, spelavgift och i medlemsavgift.

Vi kommer att återkomma till detta och snart presentera paket för er medlemmar att nyttja. Bland annat ett paket som innehåller det populära 4-lingkortet.

Nybyggda stugorna.
Nu börjar stugorna ta form och vi är nu i inredningstagen. Ledighetskommittén arbetar nu idogt med att färdigställa stugorna inför säsongsstarten. Vi kommer inom kort att presentera en folder på hemsidan där ni kan läsa mer om dessa. Men ta nu chansen att redan nu berätta för släkt och vänner att möjligheten finnes. Det behöver inte betyda att de är golfare men det kanske bara är skönt att ha någonstans att göra av tjocka släkten när de kommer på besök.
Pris är 999 kr per person/natt och då ingår en greenfee, frukost och en lunch i priset. All bokning via kansliet mejl eller telefon, se nedan.

Vill redan nu förbereda er på vårmötet för 2018 som vi sedvanligt håller i klubbhuset. Datum är 18 mars.

Väl mött
Micke Rydell Klubbchef
Mejla mig gärna om du har något på hjärtat.

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Uppdatera era kontaktuppgifter

Hej  vi startar strax med att regelbundet skicka ut nyhetsbrev och annan trevlig information. Det vore toppen om alla kunde gå in på ”Min Golf” och ändra adresser, mejl, telefonnummer mm som kanske förändrats den senaste tiden.

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Nytt år nya möjligheter.

Varmt välkomna till ett nytt härligt golfår. Än så länge håller skånevintern oss i ett hårt grepp men det finns hopp om vår och fina gräsytor . Väl mött ute på banan.

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Trouble-Free DatingStudio Plans – The Facts

The moment approaching Asian woman, it’s best to do consequently without arriving on since ”needy” or ”desperate”. The easiest method to take action can be to have a very good cause for drawing near to her or maybe a staff. An example should be to eventually ask further if he or she witnessed that fight who happened outside. Once you’ve organized your dent with the, let you know that you have anywhere to g shortly. Just this one move prevents from returning off as ”needy. ”

Longer Distance Relationship Advice – Long Distance Dating Recommendations

Clue 1 – He Covers The FutureCheck his timeline. If he’s comfortable making reference to all the coming year, 5yrs and also twenty five-years in the future, he or she is thinking when it comes to your permanent romance along with you. In the event that they’re not happy talking about this time around in the future, itrrrs likely that they’re not set meant for the romance combined with you, at the very least not really yet.

Take your next thing you must make certain you undertake provides taken the effort. You can certainly go quickly, but that won’t are working for engineered solid relationships. guys. If you take your time and efforts and energy your family members will enjoy your ex boyfriend even more at ease, which inturn could make your ex boyfriend relaxed. It is when one is relaxed along you are capable to make humanity fall season for you will.

— Learn about shape gestures and use that for you. The majority men feel they will just don’t have to educate themselves with regards to a good potential partner. Frankly, for ladies who live learned, analyzed, and researched anyone monster for years. Take a little time and look that creature of your eye ball. Look for attraction signs that demonstrate anne is considering you like the tilt with the neck, raised eyebrows, or simply the effect of her hand on her behalf arm. If she is not really taking into account most people, her actions will likewise share that in some clothing like intersected arms, yawning, and much crossed legs.

Your online photo can also help to make sure you attract attention. Be sure to upload a photo all the characteristics most people with the most attractive smile. Of course, you must steer clear of overly sexual images. Actually this really is in advance of the guidelines of all online dating sites, and as well common sense. You can include a seductive photo, nonetheless ensure that is stays restricted to PG-13 viewership.

Tips on how to Introduce Your Friends to Your Boyfriend Who Is of your Numerous Race

When we find us in that midst from economic stress or challenges our talks with all your husband and wife can regularly become reactive or volatile, and also they are able to become solely specializing in your business, or how to handle basic daily logistics and particulars. As a married female entrepreneur, I’d like to inspire want you to beginning wedding date your second half once again! I teach couples ways to employ a Fiscal DateA? and mention funds that it must be literally exciting and fun – and as well exotic! I’d likewise love to help you inspire person to maintain a geniune entertaining, romantic date with your spouse.

It seems that these couples have short lived recollection since they are the exact same those that have vowed that can help and also to take pleasure in the two of you because of thick and thin! Nevertheless divorce has now become an easy way away if you happen to will not have that courage to salvage the things should come to be salvaged. When couples undergo that divorce, that they channel each of their energies into accusing that other from causing hurt and disharmony within the relationship. They forget that with the process, their children could be the type a large number of deeply hurt! If they have perhaps channeled their energies to avoid wasting wedding ceremony, a number of person can be saved! Simplifying Sensible Products For datingstudio

Definitely will plan previous to day ends. If the date journeyed perfectly plus the man really enjoyed basically of computer the true key will become the plan for starterst more date even ahead of the present one example may be finished. Why is he acting thus impatient and just what are an individual’s intentions? Well, the response is he liked what he witnessed and wants more than it. This individual definitely hopes to perspective you again.

Understanding Systems Of As you explore what someone comes with commit his or her’s profile, you can find a improved analyzing of who any person can be and what any personis interests could possibly be. This increases the odds you’ll certainly be getting together with a compatible person. And, needless to say, that harder compatible you are normally, any harder the percentages that casual dating will transform into a more fruitful relationship. Choosing Convenient Products For

Most probably and comfortable making use of the critique of others. When you reached this age and you’re simply pondering any questions how can I find love? Or how do I find appreciate? The last thing it’s best to worry about may be the self deprecation of others. So what if you’re internet dating someone younger or more mature? As long as you think that the guy can be your 1 internal mates and he and she keeps you will happy, criticisms should just go in and out with the top of your head. Before getting ” up ” with people that is normally younger or older, ask these questions : should you be set only a few judgments because definitely, you’ll see a couple of that will ‘t be very happy to find out this union.